Beauty Beauty by David Brymer

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Lord Have Mercy by Brady Toops

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Twitter Updates for 2012-08-30

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New Album – Walk by Will Retherford

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This artist came to my attention through Matthew Reed. I wanted to go ahead and post this video so you’ll have a taste of what is coming down the pipe.  I’ll post more about some of Will Retherford’s songs in the next couple of days.

Great Post by John Mark McMillan

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1.  This post is the original John Mark McMillan.

2.  There is nothing skin deep about what you’re about to read….and that’s really refreshing.

I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t realize I was leaking until I tried to write a song. For weeks I came up from my office each day with almost nothing.  When I showed my wife what I did have, she wanted to know why I’d written myself out of my songs: why didn’t I use the terms “I” and “me” anymore (and hadn’t for years actually).  I realized the reason “I” wasn’t in my songs anymore was because I wasn’t in my songs.  I had nothing to say.  My well was a sandbox. I was dry as a bone.  Real music comes from real life, and I didn’t have much of one anymore.  I’d become consumed with keeping a machine running so that I could keep the budget flush.  I became involved in a process that I’d seen a hundred times.  The business that is created to support a vision begins to drive the vision itself.  This is when things start to feel plastic and disingenuous.  This is when things start to suck.  This is when I check out.

Any thoughts?


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