Daniel Saengar

Fingerprints by Daniel Saenger

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We met Daniel on Schildergasse in Cologne, Germany last night.  My brother and I were just walking around and heard this guy worshiping.  He was singing in German when we walked by but we could tell there was something about him.  We stopped and listened for a few and sure enough the next song was “Dance with Me”.  It was pretty obvious this guy is leading people in to God’s presence on a regular basis. We spoke with him for a few and it turns out he leads worship at a church in town. His pastor and my brother (Alan) went to Morningstar School of Ministry together…small world right.

So, meet Daniel Sänger (Saenger for the ä challenged keyboards)

You can get the chords and lyrics to “Fingerprints” by clicking here.

Here is Daniel leading “No Place I’d Rather Be”.

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