God of the Redeemed by Jeremy Riddle

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Robert Armstrong (@REAIV) played this song on Sunday and it was like hearing it for the first time again.



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God of the Redeemed
Jeremy Riddle, Paul McClure, and Hannah McClure

We belong to You Father,
Love has come, we’re orphans no longer
Brought into Your light and freedom
By the blood and the mercy of Jesus

Its rising, its rising, the song of hope from us set free
Its rising, its rising, its rising up
Hallelujah to You God of the redeemed,
Hallelujah, You’ve opened blinded eyes to see
We will praise You
You are the everlasting light
Hallelujah to You God of the redeemed

We belong to You Father,
Living for, Your glory and honor
Here on Earth, just as in Heaven
We usher in, the reign of Your Kingdom

Emmanuel by Matt Reed

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I’m listening to this one right now. It has such a smooth sound. There is something about the name Emmanuel that really stirs me up. Every time I hear it I think of a sermon by Graham Cooke. “Emmanuel, God. Is. With. Us.”


Matt Reed

I could wait through coldest winter
I could walk through the driest desert
I could sail through the open waters
Just to see your love has no bounds
Just to see your love has no bounds

Sing, Hallelujah He is with us
Emmanuel is here
Oh hallelujah He is with us
Come and let His love draw you in
oh oh let His love come on in

I could walk through the lowest valley
I could cross the deep blue sea
I could climb the highest mountain
Just to see the love you have for me

Worthy is the lamb of glory
For he is clothed in righteousness
Open up you ancient Gates
Let the king of glory in

Emmanuel_Matthew Reed_ Chord Chart

Abba by Jonathan David Helser

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Here is another by Jonathan David Helser. You can go get his CD on iTunes by clicking here.

This would be a good one to put some headphones on and go get in a closet. Try it.

Lyrics and Chords:
Jonathan David Helser
G              C
You’re more real than the wind in my lungs
You’re more real than the ground I’m standing on

You’re thoughts define me, you’re inside me
You’re my reality

Abba, I belong to you

You’re closer than the skin on my bones
You’re closer than the song on my tongue

Click on this image to get more Jonathan Helser chord charts.

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