Threshing Floor by Jonathan Helser

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So good.

Threshing Floor by Jonathan Helser

I heard about a threshing floor
Gideon saw the angel of the Lord
I wanna go there and be with you
I heard about a secret place
Moses went and saw your face
I wanna go there and be with you

Take me home
To the place where I belong
There’s nothing that I want more
Than the presence of the Lord

I heard about an upper room
Tongues of fire fall on you
I wanna go there and be with you
I heard about a garden where
You and man walk hand in hand
I wanna go there and be with you

Great Are You Lord by All Sons and Daughters

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Jessica from Integrity Music gave me a heads up on All Sons and Daughters new album. I’m normally on top of these things but I started a new job and had a baby in the last few weeks. So, I’ve been a little distracted.

As you know, I really like All Sons and Daughters. They come across as comfortable singing from where they are in life. I find my heart connecting with their music pretty consistently.

Their latest album “Live” released on April 23, 2013 and it’s definitely one to get. You can buy the album on Amazon by clicking the image below.

Click here to download the lead sheet for Great Are You Lord.

Integrity bought the banner ad right at the top of the page and also gave me a link to the chord chart for “Great Are You Lord” and a free download of the single – “Great Are You Lord”. I’m writing about this song and album because it connects with my heart and draws me into God’s presence. I purchased the album from iTunes with no discount or incentive from Integrity Music.  Just so you know……

Guitar Consulting by James Duke

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Do you play guitar?  You do?  Great.

James Duke (All the Bright Lights and John Mark McMillan) is going to consult you on how to have better tone, phrase chords to play with a full band, create ambient sounds and sound more like yourself.

James is a great guy and this is a perfect opportunity to invest in your gift.

Get more details and contact him through his blog.

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