Burn Like a Fire In Me by Brian Johnson

This is a song I am listening to right now. It’s not available yet but you can watch the live recording on bethel.tv if you have a subscription. This song is about 50 minutes into the recording. Head over to bethel.tv if you’re not familiar with it. Basically, you can pay a monthly fee and get access to videos of most of their worship and teachings throughout the week. It’s definitely worth the fee. You can click on the image below to go to bethel.tv.

The lyrics and music are so good.

Burn Like a Fire In Me / For the Sake of the World
Brian Johnson – Bethel Music

The chords seem pretty straight forward. I’m playing a variation of E – A – C#m with a B in their every now and then.
There is also a instrumental walk up part… A – B – C#m – E

Verse 1
E                           A
I’m laying down my life
.              E
Giving up control
.                    A
Never looking back
.                C#m
I surrender all
.                     A                      E
Living for Your glory on the earth

Verse 2
This passion in my heart
This stirring in my soul
To the nations bow
For all the world to know
I’m living for Your glory on the earth

E                         A
For the sake of the world
.                          E
Burn like a fire in me
.                               A
Light a flame in my soul
.                         C#m
For every eye to see
.                            A
For the sake of the world
.                           E
Burn like a fire in me

Instrumental – A – B – C#m – E

E                                 A
For every knee to bow down
.                           E
For every heart to believe
.                                  B
For every voice to cry out
Burn like a fire in me

For every tongue to confess
You alone are the king
You are the hope of the earth
Burn like a fire in me

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